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Industrial Peeling Production Line

  • A: Technology Flow 20T/h industrialization peeling production line is a new style of peeling process system for fruits and vegetables, especially for potato, sweet potato, carrot and other kinds of tubers vegetables. This production line mainly consists of belt type lifting; quantify weighing, high pressure steam peeling, dry brush peeling and cage type cleaning. Materials are lifted and entered into the weighing device, then come into the high pressure steam peeling machine; through instantaneous heating and add the pressure for seconds in steam, rapidly exhaust the steam, which could make the separation between materials and epidermis. Finally, enter into the dry brush peeling machine, brush the separated epidermis away. The principle advantage is: real time measure, high peeling rate, low loss rate, the smooth surface after the peeling, high automaticity, simple operation.
  • B:Products and the Core Equipment Description

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